Butter and processed cheese

A wide range of milk-flavoured products
9.000 tonnes
total production capacity



The butter is mainly obtained from carefully selected cream that arrives fresh at the plant on a daily basis.
The specific processes and cultures used during the butter-making process give our butter an incomparable taste and aroma.
Food safety is guaranteed by strict chemical, microbiological and qualitative controls.


Plain 82% fat content
Salted 82% fat content


Aluminium and polythene pat

125gr 250gr 500gr 1000gr


Aluminium and polythene roll


Hotel portions in tubs of 125g 250g 1500g 


Large rolls




Processed cheeses are produced at the Reggio Emilia plant using only the best selected cheeses, and without any polyphosphate or preservatives. Thanks to the traditional processes used, they have a distinctive softness and creaminess.
They are rich in calcium and are therefore especially suitable for children’s diets.


8 x 21.5g Slices in a 175g packet


Since 1934, Giglio has been producing a wide range of dairy products with a unique taste in Reggio Emilia every day, implementing the same passion and care as always.

Since 1870, Polenghi Lombardo has been supplying Italian families with the highest quality milk and many innovative and natural products.

Optimus is a line of treats made from high-quality milk and is chosen by the most discerning consumers with refined tastes.

Matese’s fresh milk has been supporting the growth of Campania’s children and families for over 50 years.

Carefully selected raw ingredients, experience in the dairy industry, and strict hygiene and quality controls have always ensured tasty, fresh and natural products.

Il rispetto delle più antiche tradizioni, il gusto genuino e il sapore inimitabile: sono gli ingredienti del successo dei prodotti Fior di Salento.