Crostini and Melba toast

Inimitable crispness
20.000 tonnes
production capacity



Thin slices of crispy golden bread with an oval shape, which are the perfect accompaniment for both sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect to use instead of bread or for crispy and tasty canapés. Our crostini products are different from all other bread substitutes on the market.


300 g 350 g


Melba toast

Thin toasted bread slices in rectangular and round shapes for added crispness. Perfect for snacks, canapés or instead of bread at the dinner table.


The melba toast comes in rectangular and round shapes. The rectangular products are packaged in 3 convenient flow packs of 10 slices.


100 g


One of the most popular Italian pasta brands around the world since 1827.

Building on its experience, Newlat created the Krokkis brand to meet the needs of a young and dynamic target market looking for light and healthy products to eat at any time of the day.