Protein-free products

For all requirements


Protein-free products

Foods for special medical purposes, specifically formulated for people who need to follow a low-protein diet.

Types and sizes

Low-protein short, long or small-sized pasta
Low-protein biscuits
Low-protein flour
Low-protein drinks


Pasta - Bag in a packet

White paper/polypropylene bag, sealed on 3 sides

Pillow-shaped, transparent, polypropylene, coded bag

250g to 350g sizes, in a printed cardboard packet

Flow pack

Printed polypropylene bag, either cushion-shaped or with a double square base, in sizes 125g to 500g


Printed coded stand-up bag, reinforced with aluminium, from 150g to 200g

Neutral coded bag, reinforced with aluminium, from 150g to 200g, in a printed and coded cardboard packet


Printed pillow-shaped packet, reinforced with aluminium, 250g to 1000g  

Tan/polyethylene catering bag 10kg