Our range of noodles includes plenty of egg noodles or rice based recipes, easy to prepare and available in different packaging and sizes, all made with top quality ingredients.

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Leeds Dartmouth Way plant is the largest of the 3 in the UK and employs about 400 people.
In addition to noodles NAKED products, many other products are produced here such as Pastry mixes, Toppings, Pasta & Sauce and soups.



Durham plant produces ambient ready meals packed into pouches or trays and through a pasteurization process that enables a long ambient shelf life to the products.

The site has:
2 pouch lines: producing gravies, stocks, ready meals, curry sauces and desserts such as custard and brandy sauce.
2 Tray lines; producing a wide variety of ready meals from a full roast dinner to an apple crumble with custard.

At the Durham plant we produce all the ration packs that the military use when out in the field or at battle, as well as a large range of Vegan meals.

Production capability: 50,000 units per day, namely 12.5 million units per annum

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At Millerdale Bakery we manufacture a variety of bread-based products that are sold to the major retailers throughout UK and beyond. All oven-baked from fresh, our range is predominately Croutons which enhance texture and flavour to both Salads and Soups but we also manufacture Pitta Chips, Bruschetta’s and Breadsticks for the ambient snacking market.

Depending on customer requirements we can pack differently.