It was in 1827 that producing semolina pasta in Sansepolcro, with rusks and crostini added in the 1930s. To this day, lots of consumers continue to appreciate these products’ reliably high quality. They are distributed in over 50 countries and represent Italy’s style of everyday food.


Round rusks of all types available on the market: classic, wholewheat, milk and honey, vitamin-enriched, multigrain, organic, and with extra-virgin olive oil.


Crostini are thin slices of crispy golden bread with a unique oval shape, and are the perfect combination for both sweet and savoury dishes. They can be used instead of bread or for crispy and tasty canapés.


These cooking ingredients are perfect for creating tasty traditional recipes that are typical of Italy’s different regions.
Wheat starch is ideal for making fluffy cakes and desserts, and breadcrumbs and semolina are perfect for delicately flavoured dishes.